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Noverlife 3 Pack Airless Vacuum Face Mist Spray Bottle, 50ml/1.7oz Ultra Fine Mist Water Sprayer Atomizer Aerosol, Refillable Makeup Cosmetics Toiletry Organizer Travel Containers for Lotion Liquid


  • 【Premium Quality】– Made of BPA Free Polypropylene (PP), which is a light-weight plastic that is durable, flexible, and highly resistant to fatigue and heat also has a high shatter-resistance rating. TSA Approved for airplane travel, 50ml/1.7oz.
  • 【Airless Vacuum Dispensing】– Airless pump technology ensures you’ll keep your products fresh and free from oxidation by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, thus increase product shelf life up to 15% more & NO Odour.
  • 【Soft, Even & Fine Mist】– Perfect for makeup setting sprays. Using them to keep your facial toners and hair products will save you money and hassle.
  • 【Leak Proof Seal】– As long as you tighten the cap, there there will be no leakage. It doesn’t matter if the bottle lies on its side or stored upside down due to the vacuum dispensing effect.
  • 【Wide Usage】– Great for homeade DIY facial spray mist, body mist, hair spray, air freshners, cosmetic beauty products. Or with just plain water to bath your pets and plants, tame morning hair flyaways, refresh hair curls or home linen spray for ironing.

Hair Spray Bottle Water Mist – 10 oz Salon Hairspray Sprayer Beauty Hairdressing Fine Aerosol Barber Bottles, Continuous Empty for Curly Hair Transparent, Clear 300 ml


  • MULTI PURPOSE – This empty clear spray bottle can be used as a hair spray bottle, spray bottle for plants, for cleaning, ironing, refreshing hair, misting your face, grooming pets, and can even be filled with air freshener.
  • CONTINUOUS SPRAY – The prolonged spray produces a stream of sustained mist that lasts several seconds, allowing large areas to be covered fast and easily. Having this feature on the mister bottle not only saves time, but reduces stress on your hands! Sprays 30% longer than other misting bottles!
  • AEROSOL FREE SPRAY – This spray water bottle offers an aerosol like spray without negatively impacting the environment. This option provides users the ability to avoid environmental, health and safety hazards associated with aerosols, all without ever leaking!
  • EASY TO USE – Reusable & refillable! This 10oz/300ml mist spray bottle has a perfectly even mist no matter how many times you pump it! The lid twists on and off easily without any extra strength needed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE – In order to ensure the normal work of the product, we will carry out sampling tests on it. There may be some water in some bottles, please do not mind. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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The aerosol fine mist product is available at many retailers, but maybe any of them are correct for your needs. If you’re looking to buy this aerosol fine mist product, it’s important that you do some research ahead of time.

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Hair Spray Bottles, Continuous Water Mister Spray Bottle Empty, Aerosol Fine Mist Curly Hair Spray Bottle for Hairstyling, Cleaning, Plants, Skin Care, Ironing, Plant Watering (5oz, Frosted Pink)


  • Capacity: 150ml/5oz ,The ultra fine mist spray bottle adopts ABS material which is durable and strong,eco-friendly, leak-proof.
  • Multifunctional Empty Spray Bottles: Can be used for hair style, haircut, makeup, skin care, glass cleaning,dispensing air fresheners and plant spraying. Perfect for barber, women and men, used in homes, beauty schools, barber shops, hair schools and cosmetology college.
  • Continuous Spray with Fine Mist: Fast continuously pull the trigger, produces a stream of sustained mist that lasts a few seconds, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily, holding sprays for 1.25 seconds, achieving continuous spraying effect.
  • The continuous mist spray bottle is perfect for hairdressing and skin toner substitute bottle. The trigger design offers your unusual experience
  • Any questions, please contact us first. Please note that do not fill flammable and toxic liquids, do not aim the nozzle at your eyes,Do not place essential oils that are insoluble in water.

Spray Bottle for Hair, Segbeauty 5.4oz/160ML Refillable Mister Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer, Empty Airless Aerosol Trigger Water Spray Bottle for Hairdressing, Skin Care, Misting Plants, Showering Pets


  • ULTRA FINE MIST — It distributes water evenly, providing the right amount of water to mildly saturate the hair, refresh curls or tame a bed-head in the morning.
  • CONTAMINATION-FREE — Offers an aerosol-like spray without using hazardous propellant gases and pressurized container, not any odor with the bottle even not being used in a few days.
  • CONTINUOUS SPRAY — Produces a stream of sustained mist that lasts a few seconds, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily. Besides, the ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional trigger and finger tip sprayers.
  • 360° SPRAYING — You can even spray with the bottle upside down without leakage or loss of prime, thus all areas can be reached.
  • 99% BOTTLE EVACUATION – Keeps spraying until the water is gone. Fixed volume provides 1.25CC per spray consistently from the first to last drop.

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Hair Spray Bottle Continuous Mist Water Mister Sprayer Misting Fine Hairspray Aerosol Pressurized Refillable for Face Barber Plant Cleaning Curly Hair, 10oz/300ml Clear


  • Continous and even misting spray bottle can keep a few seconds stream of sustained mist, covers large areas quickly and easily.
  • Ergonomic Design: fine mist spray bottle releases a mist of fine and long lasting with just a gentle squeeze. Ergonomic shape and easy to grip groove handle reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional trigger and finger tip sprayers.
  • Occasion: homes, gardons, car, office, room, beauty schools, barber shops, hair schools, cosmetology college.
  • The hair spray bottle can provide a powerful spray and an aerosol-like spray. Mister spray bottle provide 360 degrees spraying for those hard to reach areas. You can use it sideways and upside down.
  • Fine mist spray bottle of these continuous mist spray bottle can be used for hair and skin care routine, cleaning, spraying desinfectant, ironing, hairstyling, barber, gardening, watering plants, dispensing air fresheners, misting essential oils, as a hairspray substitute bottle, and so on.

Fine Mist Hair Sprayer, Segbeauty 5.4oz Continuous Misting Water Bottle, 160ml Empty Refillable Sprayer, Airless Aerosol Water Bottle for Curly Hair Salon Barber Hairstyling Planting Ironing Cleaning


  • 【Fine Mist for Hair】The 0.3mm spray nozzle gives a fine and light mist in the perfect amount, dapening hair to style, great for hydrating curly hair in the morning or wetting natural curls to revive back on non wash day.
  • 【Evenly Continuous Spraying】Giving an evenly continuous and lasting mist, the bottle can be prolonged the spray over 2 seconds by pulling the trigger gently, perfect as a daily mist moisturizer for hair.
  • 【Easy to Use and 360° Mist】Easy to fill the water and spray a super-fine mist just by pressing the trigger effortlessly; Leak proof and works at a different angle to spray hair, water plant and other uses.
  • 【Safe, Durable and Lightweight】Made from PET plastic with great quality; Safe, odorless, durable and refillable; Weighing only 3.4oz, lightweight and convenient to carry out or travel with.
  • 【Functional Misting Sprayer】Ideal for both salon use and daily household use, the bottle can be used in a variety of applications: refreshing hair, facial misting, house planting, ironing and cleaning solutions.

Bekith 2 Pack 5oz Fine Mist Hair Spray Bottle, Ultra Fine Aerosol Water Mist Trigger Sprayer, 360°Continuous Airless Aerosol Mister for Hair, Plants, Cleaning, Black&White


  • Package Include: 2 x 150ml/ 5oz Fine Mist Spray Bottle ( 1 x Black & 1 x White). Airless – No contamination – long shelf life. Safe for the environment
  • 360º spraying bottle for those areas which are difficult to reach. Volume: 150ml
  • Produces a stream of sustained mist that lasts a few seconds, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily.
  • Steady aerosol type mist with just a few pumps. Keeps spraying until the water is gone.
  • Great for cleaning, gardening, skin care routine or as a hairspray substitute bottle

aerosol fine mist product after-sale service is important too

A great way to make sure you never have any issues with aerosol fine mist products after buying them would be contacting customer support or reaching out through social media channels!

Most companies are happy when they receive feedback from consumers who want help using what they just purchased so there’s a high chance of getting responses quickly.

We all know that buying a aerosol fine mist product is more than just making an investment.

It’s about getting the most for your buck, so after you purchase anything new and exciting, it’s important to make sure there are some things in place should anything go wrong with the said item.

Salon Style Hair Spray Bottle (10oz) Patent – 360 Ultra Fine Water – Continuous Aerosol Free Trigger Mist Sprayer Bottle by Beautify Beauties (Silver)


  • HAIR DRESSER’S BEST FRIEND: The powerful and consistent spray of these continuous mist spray bottle makes them suitable to use for hairstyling. It perfectly mists the hair without over saturating any one section and can be held at any ergonomic angle.
  • AEROSOL-FREE SPRAY: The hair spray bottle dispenses an aerosol-like spray without using any pressurized containers or hazardous propellant gases. It is a great option for customers who want to switch to a more sustainable and healthy option compared to aerosol spray bottles.
  • 360-DEGREE SPRAYING: The continuous spray bottle allows 360-degrees spraying for those areas which are difficult to reach. You can even use it sideways and upside down. Mist spray bottle provides 98% water evacuation so you can utilize even the last drop of liquid.
  • CONSISTENT & EVEN SPRAY: Engineered with a robust pre-compression technology, flairosol spray bottle dispenses a stream of sustained mist that lasts for 3+ seconds. The spray has a fixed output of 1.25cc per second and is dispensed consistently from first to last drop.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Standard trigger bottles take multiple squeezes to get the spray started, but 360 hair spray bottle releases a bust of fine and long lasting with just a gentle squeeze. The ergonomic shape and easy-to-grip handle reduces hand fatigue.

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener, Non-Aerosol, Fine Mist, 8 oz.


  • Shake. Twist head to unlock. Depress button for non-stop spray. Do not let up until that odor is totally gone. During winter months, product might arrive frozen; allow 24hrs to thaw. (For special materials like silk, test to avoid spotting.)
  • Fresh Wave’s plant-based ingredients include pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. The spray naturally smells like these plants, but that scent will vanish quickly in the air, leaving your space simply smelling clean and fresh.
  • Fresh Wave Spray removes odors instantly using natural ingredients—no harsh chemicals, no masking fragrances, and no harmful ingredients. Our natural air freshener spray works as an odor eliminator for dog and cat smells, as well as smells from smoke, trash cans, and bathrooms.
  • Also works as a deodorizer and fabric refresher for shoes, closets, clothes, upholstery, furniture, pet bedding, backpacks, fitness bags, and anything else that needs to be deodorized instantly. Keep the air fresh in your basement or garage too.
  • Fresh Wave Sprays have earned a Safer Choice label from the EPA! They’re non-toxic, non-GMO, and non-hazardous, and safe for people, pets, and the planet. The non-aerosol spray is biodegradable, and the packaging is recyclable. Manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana.

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